Friday, March 15, 2013

Why TO Choose Lotus Fire India

Hi readers thank you for visiting my blog. We are going to cover each and every element of fire and safety industry starting from why to choose Lotus Fire India as your Fire and Safety Consultant so lest go.
Fire fighting equipment safeguards public and company during fire disasters. It remains people protected anywhere they reside and work. Periodic examination and servicing of the equipment intended for the protection of the resident to the significant principles is very vital. On Daily basis, on weekly basis, on monthly basis or on quarterly basis and yearly examination are done to make sure the equipment's working condition, and keep all other elements of fire protection administration.

Qualified staff wants to engage in the inspection of fire fighting equipments, which is generally supplies by the installer company, or the company authorized agent, or even by a service partner. The equipment incorporate fire detection and alarm systems; sprinkler systems;  disaster and break out lighting systems; fire door automatic release mechanisms; smoke control systems ; portable fire extinguishers; gaseous, foam and DCP powder extinguishing systems; together with systems using force differential; evacuation lifts for personnel with disabilities; hose reels; fire hydrants; fire mains; and other connected things.

Our Some of the Planes

The regular plan offer regular round-the-clock continuation and call basis services. The regular advantage plan, in accumulation to the services offered in the regular plan comprises preliminary service of fresh fire safety equipment, its removal, and costing of small parts and refills. The ample plan envelops all the engineers, visiting charges, and services of the regular advantage plan. Though, the cost is not enclosed in the situation of the equipment being broken by users, or third parties, or expected calamities. Replacement of all main parts is on account in all the plans.

What We Offer

An annual basic service is made for the safeguarding of fire fighting equipment. Safety clip and signifying devices are examined to discover out whether the fire extinguisher has been function. Force signifying procedure on stored force extinguishers are verify to observe if the pressure limits are in regular ranges. The body of the fire equipment is inspecting for rust, dents or hurt. The hose, horn and nozzle are verified. The equipment is weighed for defeat of filling. Working directions are confirmed for correctness and legibility. Gas cartridges in suitable extinguishers are examined.

A comprehensive service contains the fundamental service and the release test. The fire fighting equipment is release in restricted situation to check its functioning efficiency. Its inner body is check for rust or inside layer damage. If it is in a fine condition, then it is refill, recharged and brings back in service. The continuance record of the repair should be attached to the fire fighting equipment.

The fundamental necessity in any location is the existence of a fire fighting equipment in a fine working situation. The normal continuation tests with a suitable plan are extremely important. The equipment has to be keep to fulfill the related principles and situation. This guarantees protection of public and company, and is also liable for the correct kind of assurance between citizens in their surroundings.

Lotus Fire India is the default option of customers to obtain total fire protection services of fire fighting equipment.